Angels are supernatural beings.  They are benevolent celestial intermediaries between God and humanity. They protect and guide humans, and help in serving God. 

Mouzi (Angel).com   has transverse through the idea stage, weathered the dummy test stage, and is now a living and breathing LIVE eCommerce display place. has arrived! is bringing to the e-commerce sector a high dose of rationality; a beautiful mind to assist clients in this trying time. We are committed to standing beside you, guiding, and beautifying your online shopping experience. An indigenous e-commerce shopping platform, will also serve the global market. We are poised to strongly integrating humanity in business, and projecting the Nigerian products to the World, while bringing the World market to Nigerians, at remarkable prices and treat. is for everyone. We have noticed the sharp and radical metamorphosis of the global market due to the pandemic. We have noticed the upsurge in commodity prices, but we are committed to ensuring your shopping experience remains terrific. We are here, just like the Angel, to protect you from price war, we will protect your income in assuring that you get the best price for the best quality of the product.

Everyone deserves an Angel. Please download the App, and enjoy the calmness of shopping. 


By Unico Kalu 

By Patrick Ndukwe


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