Due to the lockdowns and restrictions in movement, we are prioritizing groceries and essential products.

About Us

MUOZI.COM: Easy Online Shopping in Nigeria-Think IT, Get IT

Muozi.com is an indigenous and your favorite e-commerce shopping site in Nigeria and Africa at large. We are out to make a footprint in the Nigeria market; bringing different sellers from all nooks and crannies under one umbrella to showcase products for prospective buyers online. This will be a win/win transaction for both the sellers and the buyers: the sellers have the opportunity to display their products on our platform while the buyers also have the opportunity to sieve from the gamut of sellers and buy at cheaper prices.


We have everything in one store, where you can purchase all your quality and genuine electronics, home appliances, fashion products for men & women, children products, phones & accessories, computers & accessories, groceries, kitchen utensils, foodstuffs and many more on the go at your fingertips. Item(s) purchased will be delivered safely and timely at your doorsteps.


Shop online with ease and stress free as you pay using the internet mobile or other comfortable payment platforms that will be introduced by muozi.com. Products paid for are guaranteed and where there are gray areas, our return policy is applied either by giving a refund, replacement of the item(s) or crediting the e-wallet of our customer(s). Any Product(s) you need to buy, so far you can think IT, you can Get IT in a jiffy.

Muozi Juicy Offers:

We have days for rock bottom discounts on some items and free shipping on items above certain amounts, token and coupons will be giving to our loyal customers regularly. Products with rock bottom discounts are indicated on this platform. Why not take advantage of this?


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****Ours is, if you can Think It, you can Get It!


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